IPv6 in the Government

IPv6 Enabled Enterprises Workshop

The National Cybersecurity Center Center of Excellence (NCCoE) hosted a great IPv6 workshop today. Spectacular and substantive discussion packed into a morning workshop on the stae of IPv6 deployment in the enterprise network. The workshop was MCed by Doug Montgomery from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). You can take a look at

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IPv6 Security – Server Operating Systems

The DoD has done an excellent job in annotating the best security practices for operating systems for years with its Security Technical Implementation Guides, or STIGs.  In fact, STIGs for networking systems like routers, IDS/IPS, switches, devices, etc have been updated to reflect the new reality: IPv6.  However, with STIGs on the operating system there

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Tachyon Dynamics Speaking on IPv6 NFV at the North American IPv6 Summit

Tomorrow, our very own Jeremy Duncan will be speaking on “IPv6 Best Practices in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) with Vmware NSX,” tomorrow around 11:10 am MDT.  We are also here in the Denver Tech Center, so come on by and let’s talk!  We have a booth right in front of the main conference room. If

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IPv6 Whitebox Networking Presentation

We had a great time at the North American IPv6 Summit last week.  I recommend everyone check out the virtual downloads and sessions, as there was so much great content this year.  Most of this year’s excitement is how IPv6 intersects with things like Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenStack, Whitebox networking, and Network Functions Virtualization

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DNS: Back to Basics for Network Engineers

Speaking with quite a few network engineers in the last few months, I was shocked by the lack of real understanding of the Domain Naming System (DNS).  It shocked me because it is the singular application functionality that is entirely network-based.  Meaning that DNS is the foundation of the Internet, and from their perspective, should

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The Urgency Behind IPv6

A couple of my buddies Shannon McFarland (Cisco) and Ed Horley (Groupware) did a great short video with Jeff Doyle (TCP/IP legend) on the urgency behind IPv6 in the service provider and the enterprise space.  Enjoy! Also located in Ed’s post here: http://www.howfunky.com/2013/07/enterprise-ipv6-video-with-jeff-doyle.html Check out Ed’s blog for some great IPv6 deployment tips – especially

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2012 US Government IPv6 Mandate: The Day of Reckoning

Well, today is the day, or the last day I should say.  At midnight tonight, the US Government will have shut the books on yet another Fiscal Year.  Although, it’s not finances that has the technology industry glued to government tech news; it’s IPv6 adoption.  By the end of FY 2012, the entire US Government

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