Month: January 2012

An IPv6 Flag Day – 6/6/2012?

World IPv6 Launch, as it is being called, is this year’s Internet Society IPv6 initiative meant to provide more IPv6 content saturation on the Internet.  Similar to World IPv6 Day last June, but with one very key difference: they will be IPv6-enabled permanently! That’s right, no more white lists, no more ipv6.www, v6.www, or other silly CNAMEs representing …

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IPv6 RA Guard Implementation Advice

Bravo to Fernando Gont for getting out a great Internet Draft (soon-to-be RFC) on the Implementation Advice on IPv6 Router Advertisement (RA) Guard.  This has been one of the open, gaping wounds in the side of IPv6 enterprise deployment for years.  In fact, many of us in the IPv6 and IPv6 security fields love to …

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