IPv6 for Home Users

I was fortunate to present my take on IPv6 for the home user.  I’ll embed the PowerPoint slides here below.  On November 20th, I was asked to give an IPv6 presentation for the D.C Cyber Security Professionals Meet Up Group.  We didn’t have a very good turn out, but I was able to focus on more direct audience interaction.  In a nutshell this is what it was about:

  • Internet Service Provider status of IPv6 implementation for home and business customers.  Focused on:
    • Comcast
    • Verizon FiOS
    • Time Warner
    • Cox
  • Overall, Comcast and Time Warner have the best IPv6 implementation on residential and business networks; and Verizon FiOS had the worst.  I would link Verizon FiOS’ IPv6 implementation plans, if they had any.
  • And if you don’t have IPv6 at the home/business I spoke about providers that offer this service today for free:
  • Had a lot of great questions on the fundamentals of IPv6 and some IPv6 security issues.  I’ll probably have a more IPv6 fundamentals presentation next time.  Anyway, here’s the briefing slides:
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