Speaking on IPv6 Capabilities of Whitebox Networking

Here in Denver, Jeremy Duncan (@nacnud) will be speaking on the IPv6 capabilities of whitebox networking at the North American IPv6 Summit on Thursday, 25 September, 1:30 – 2:30 pm.  More details on this presentation, as well as other great talks, are located on the conference website here:


Presentation Synopsis

Jeremy will outline all kinds of great info on whitebox networking.  Some of those key topis are:

  • What is whitebox networking?
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of whitebox (no vertical lock-in)
  • The big hardware manufacturers of these switches and routers
  • The embedded software from all the big vendors like Pica8, BigSwitch, and Cumulus Networks
  • How IPv6 is working on each of these, as well as their current limitations
  • How they intersect with SDN

After the presentation, Jeremy will give a demo of (4) Acton switches running Cumulus Linux.  He will demonstrated how Puppet is used to auto-provision the switches, as well as how OSPFv3 routing is working.

We have a Table, come join us and talk!

We’ll be located on the Pinnacle Club floor in Table #3, next to all the food and drinks.  We have free drink coupons, chip-clips, notebooks, mouse pads, and lots of take-home documentation on Tachyon Dynamics.  I will be a fun time, please stop by and say hello!

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