An IPv6 Flag Day – 6/6/2012?

World IPv6 Launch, as it is being called, is this year’s Internet Society IPv6 initiative meant to provide more IPv6 content saturation on the Internet.  Similar to World IPv6 Day last June, but with one very key difference: they will be IPv6-enabled permanently!

That’s right, no more white lists, no more ipv6.www, v6.www, or other silly CNAMEs representing a separation.  These sites are committing to a permanent IPv6 footprint.  The list of players is piling up!  The big names are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, CNN, and Cisco.  Take a look at the list, and if you’re a website operator, please join.  It’s free!  So far  (as of 9 pm, 19 January) there are:

  • over 316 website operator participants
  • 18 Network Operators
  • 2 home routers (Cisco and D-Link)

And of course, your humble moderator Tachyon Dynamics, is on the list of website operators as well.  We were also one of the many that participated in World IPv6 Day, here’s that post.  As always, as things develop we’ll keep you posted!

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