DoD UC APL Site APLITS requiring 2-Factor Authentication

Actually, the site will require CAC-only (DoD Common Access Card) logins starting 28 March.  After that time, no vendors, sponsors or testers can login to the site using a user name and password – ever.

What Does This Mean for You?*

  • If you are a DoD contractor, civilian or uniformed military you will not be affected.  Just make sure you associate your user name to your CAC.
  • If you are vendor, you will no longer be able to login to APLITS (Approved Products List Integrated Tracking System) to manage submissions or add any new submissions.

What is Not Affected

What Happens After 28 March?

The DISA UCCO (Defense Information Systems Agency – Unified Capabilities Certification Office) is working on an External Certificate Authority (ECA) solution that would likely mean vendors would have to purchase a soft-certificate (user/email) from Verisign, etc.  None of those details are available yet, so please standby for updates here.  We will let everyone know once something changes.


*If you are a vendor and want to get your product certified, and would like a professional consultant to guide you through the process we can help!  Please get in touch with us! -> Contact Us!


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