DoD APL Website Down


***Update 7 January 2013: The APLITS website is now back up and serving the DoD APL community***

This blog entry is mainly for the DoD Unified Capability Approved Products List clients we have at this time.  The DoD contract for the DoD Unified Communications Office (UCCO) expired and was not renewed in time.  So access to the DoD APL and the APL integrated tracking system (APLITS) is not currently available (  There is no estimated date when it will be available.  The statement from DISA is below.  Until contract issues between DISA and their contractors are resolved you will not be able to:

  • access anything on the DoD APL
  • access submission documents pertaining to STIG Self Assessment Reports (SARs), IA Reports, Desktop Reviews, and/or pre-testing documentation (diagrams, LoCs, etc).

If there are any documents or information you need that I do not have, please let us know and we will request it.  Statements from DISA will be posted here as they are available.  This is from Thursday December 27, 2012:

APL Community,

Our UCCO Task Order expired on 19 December. We expected the new contract would be awarded on that date thus preventing a gap in service. However, the new contract has yet to be awarded.  As a result of this break in service, the APL Integrated Tracking System (APLITS) is no longer available via the web. Additionally, there will be delays in processing APL activities as it relates to the UCCO function.

We remain engaged with the Contracting Office to resolve this issue and award the new contract soonest. In the meantime, I ask for your patience as we try to meet the current workload without existing contract support. You may experience delays in receiving response to UCCO inquiries. If you have any urgent APL matters, please make sure to bring them to my direct attention.

Thank you,

Denise Williams-Gikuuri
Government Lead, Unified Capabilities Certification Office (UCCO)
DISN Program Office (NSP)
Network Services Directorate, DISA
CML: 301-225-4887 // DSN 375-4887
Blackberry: 703-254-8734

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