IPv6 Essentials for IT Professionals

Tachyon Dynamics trains today’s IT Professionals in real-world environments with skills needed to properly implement and manage an IPv6 infrastructure.  With information relating to specific knowledge needed for your IPv6 project, our training classes are pointed and direct.  Our instructors design, build, and maintain IPv6 networks every day, so you get real-world experience and knowledgeable lessons learned, minimizing mistakes, and helping you to implement a solid IPv6 infrastructure.  Our training program includes:

  • Extensive IPv6 content and courseware
  • Courseware (books and practice guides) for reference during and after the course
  • Comprehensive and hands-on labs with real Cisco routers and real Windows Servers (Server 2008, R2)

Our curriculum is broken down into four modules in a two-day course.  Our detailed course description can be found below:

  • IPv6 Overview: Basic to highly technical protocol information and familiarity with IPv6
  • IPv6 for Network Engineers: Detailed technical knowledge and hands-on lab work for network engineers focusing on Cisco routing and switching environments.
  • IPv6 for Server/Systems Engineers: Basic to highly technical knowledge and hands-on lab work for systems engineers focused on Microsoft Active Directory and Server 2008 R2 environment.
  • IPv6 for Information Assurance (IA) and Cyber Security Professionals: Basic to highly technical knowledge and hands-on lab work for IA professionals focused on IPv6 threats and vulnerabilities as well as DoD-specific IPv6 requirements and regulations.

Download the course description for IPv6 Essentials for IT Professionals here